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Mercado 5 de Mayo, the food bazaar of Puebla centre


In Mexico we know it’s always better to buy local than not. Especially when talking about food. It’s fresher, cheaper, better quality, and often organic. Buying from the lady at the market helps her feed her children. Whereas buying from Walmart (or another foreign company), it’s about the owner simply buying another yacht.

The favorite market of the city centre is the Mercado 5 de Mayo. Its importance to the economy of Puebla has lasted since pre-hispanic and colonial times.

The wealth of colors, flavors, textures and aromas attracts locals and tourists alike to buy not only groceries, but also handicrafts, shoes, clothes, toys and a whole catalog of eccentric goods. El Mercado 5 de Mayo is characterized by its never ending stimuli for the senses and its variety of prices and people.

Imagine walking through corridors of color with the rhythmic buzz of merchants chanting prices of their best, local products. Nopales, elote, carnitas, and mobs of people. The prize of fresh produce is worth the fight. If not for the food, go to the market to learn the best sales tricks of the trade. These vendors are ruthless with competitive pricing and consumer demand.

This market is also known for being the true origin of the cemitas of Puebla - a sandwich larger than your face, made of the “torta” bread, arabic-style meat, stringy cheese from Oaxaca, avocado and onion.

Going to the market is one of the most local experiences you can have. Expect a slight “tourist” surcharge, but what’s a dollar more anyways?


Know Before You Go

The market is a ten minutes walk from the zocalo. Walk north on calle 5 de mayo until you reach Avenida 16 Ote. Turn left 1 block and the market will be on your right side!